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GCE ProControl® (RO)

Seria Premium GCE ProControl® consta in regulatoare premium destinate utilizarii cu gaze industriale obisnuite si pentru majoritatea aplicatiilor care folosesc o singura butelie, cu presiune pana la 300 de bari. Ele sunt facute sa respecte standardele locale in cele mai multe tari, in ceea ce priveste conexiunile de intrare si iesire, presiunea de lucru, manometrele de presiune si cerintele de securitate. Capacitatea regulatoarelor este sufic


The Pressure Watch has the same shut off function as an ordinary Emergency Shut-Off Valve Box. Behind the plexiglass you can find quick couplings and gauges. The quick couplings are used to connect spare cylinders with regulators and emergency supply hoses.QC are available in following national standards: SS, DIN, CZ, NIST, ...To inform the hospital staff regarding gas failures the Pressure Watch is equipped with sensors for one of the follo


Art. Nr. Type Material H03001203U NPT 1/4"m × 6 mm Brass H03002303U NPT 1/4"m × 8 mm Brass H03085203U NPT 1/4"m × 10 mm Brass H03096403U NPT 1/4"m × 12 mm Brass H03001201U NPT 1/4"m × 6 mm SS H03002301U NPT 1/4"m × 8 mm SS H03085201U NPT 1/4"m × 10 mm SS H03096401U NPT 1/4"m × 12 mm SS G1/4"m × 6,8,10 or 12 mm in brass and


In accordance with DIN 477/ 230 bar, with hexagon nut, coil tube Ø 6 mm. Material SS/ PCTFE. Outlet, swivel nut M14 × 14.5 or NPT 1/4"m. Pigtail tubing allows for connection of the gas panel with gas supply in a limited spatial area. Built-in handles guarantee a zero potential and gas-tight connections. Cylinder connections also in accordance with other norms such as AFNOR, NEN,... or 300 bar cylinder on request. Art. Nr. M


With check valve and cylinder connection. Other connections on request. Art. Nr. Type 19037002001 DIN 477- 3 19037002002 DIN 477- 12 19037002003 CGA 300 19037002004 AFNOR Type H 19037002005 UNI 4411 FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE DATASHEET.


In accordance with DIN 477/ 230 bar, tube ∅1/8“, with hex nut, outlet NPT 1/4"m. Material SS/PCTFE. Cylinder connections also in accordance with other norms such as AFNOR, NEN,... upon request. Art. Nr. DIN Connection H27430564 FA 1 H27430664 FA 5 H27430764 FA 6 H27430864 FA 7 H27430964 FA 8 H27431064 FA 9 H27431164 FA 10 H27431264 FA 11 H27432264 FA 13 H27431364 FA 1


Art. Nr. Type H03005103U NPT 1/4” m × 1/8” H03006103U NPT 1/4” m × 1/4“ H03001103U NPT 1/4“ m × 6 mm H03002103U NPT 1/4“ m × 8 mm H03003003U NPT 1/4“ m × 10 mm H03004003U NPT 1/4“ m × 12 mm H03005101U NPT 1/4” m × 1/8” H03006101U NPT 1/4” m × 1/4“ H03002101U NPT 1/4&ld


In accordance with DIN 477/ 230 bar, with hex nut. Material SS/PCTFE. Inlet see below, outlet M14×1.5f mm or NPT 1/4"m – with swivel nut. For safety reasons the flexible corrugated pipe comes equipped with a safety lines, which prevent uncontrolled whipping in the case of a hose breakage. The advantage of the corrugated pipe is a maximum mobility in relation to the gas supply. Cylinder connections in accordance with other norms such a


Art. Nr. Version 14037493 Cylinder with back pressure safety 14037249 Bundle 14037841 Bundle 14037842 Bundle 14037843 Bundle ATTENTION: there is a 5-yearly obligatory testing for acetylene high pressure hoses in accordance with TRAC 204, 5.3.7. These hoses fulfil the requirements according to EN ISO 14113. Further connections upon request. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE DATASHEETS.


With inlet below, accuracy class 2,5. Art. Nr. Type H28160103 RM 50- 1.5 NPT H28160101 RM 50- 1.5 NPT H28160303 RM 50- 5 NPT H28160301 RM 50- 5 NPT H28160403 RM 50- 10 NPT H28160401 RM 50- 10 NPT H28160603 RM 50- 18 NPT H28160601 RM 50- 18 NPT H28160703 RM 50- 25 NPT H28160701 RM 50- 25 NPT H28160903 RM 50- 80 NPT H28160901 RM 50- 80 NPT H28161103 RM 50- 315 NPT